Beorunna's Well

1) Aarin Gend's Lodge - Aarin Gend
2) Drinking House
Lillian Cambridge - After giving her the Snow Globe, you will be able to enter it from her room upstairs
3) Mercenary Enclave
Rolkid - Blacksmith
Save the Supply Lines
4) Temple of Tyr
Neurik - Holy Merchant
Rolgan's Trial
5) Many Starred Cloak: Eltoora Sarptyl - Magic Merchant
Wizard lab - can create items from the Tomes found in the area
6) Trading Post
Husher Clay - Special Merchant; Recover the Star Sapphire
Barun Silverblade - Creates specialty weapons and armor
7) Yusam - Nature Merchant
Investigate the Elk Tribe
8) Uthgardt Settlement
9) To/From Coldwood
10) To/From Moonwood
11) To/From Countryside (Fort Ilkard)