Castle Jhareg

Karlat's Chambers

1) To/From Charwood
2) Chest: Castle Jhareg Riddle Key
3) Use the Castle Jhareg Riddle Key to open one of these doors
4) Chest
5) These doors can only be opened by pulling the levers in the corridors outside of the chamber
6) The Guardian: Castle Jhareg Key of Judgement
7) Use Castle Jhareg Key of Judgement to open this door
8) To/From Karlat's Chambers
9) To/From Quint's Chambers
10) To/From Main Floor
11) Cabinet: Karlat's Protection Wand
12) Chest:

  • Castle Jhareg: Karlat's Key
  • Karlat's Burning Wand
    13) Cabinet: The Journal of Karlat Jhareg
    14) Summoning Tome
    15) Summoning Chambers
    16) Bookshelf: Imaskarran Tome of Fire
    17) Use Castle Jhareg: Karlat's Key to open these doors
    18) Karlat: The Oath of Karlat Jhareg
    19) Chest: Castle Jhareg: Quint's Key
    20) Alchemist's Apparatus:
  • Letter to Quint Jhareg
  • 2 Healer Kits
  • 3 Empty Bottles
    21) Shrine to Lathander
    22) Bloodstained Book
    23) Chest: Imaskarran Tome of Death
    24) Need Castle Jhareg: Quint's Key to open the gate
    25) Quint Jhareg: The Oath of Quint Jhareg
  • Quint's Chambers

    Main Floor