City Core

1) Hall of Justice (Temple)
2) Bethany - Peninsula: Prison Break
3) The Cloaktower
Eltoora Sarptyl - Magic Merchant
Cloaktower: Membership
4) Nyatar - Nature Merchant
The Great Tree: Animal Rescue
5) The Great Tree
6) Trade of Blades (Tavern) - There are several mercenaries for hire here
Graxx - Gauntlet Pass
7) The Moonstone Mask
Torgo - Rogue merchant
Ophala Cheldarstorn - Art Theft
Gilles - Jacob's Quill
8) Shining Knights Arms and Armor
Durga - Blacksmith; Ask him for "premium" equipment and he will give you the Shining Knight Ward, which will allow you access to the basement where Marrok can make custum high-quality weapons and armor for you
9) Merchant
10) To/From the Peninsula
11) To/From the Beggar's Nest
12) To/From No-Man's-Land
13) To/From the Docks
14) Caste Never (No entry)
15) City Gates (No passage)