Creator Race Ruins

1) To/From Ruins
2) Corpse:
  • Adventurer's Note
  • Translation Amulet
    3) To/From the Garden
    Sapphire - Plant the Ultarg Tree Seeds
  • Ultarg Seeds
  • Time Crystal
    4) Sun Dial - Use the Time Crystal to enter the Past
  • 5) Old One Guardian Golems - Can only be defeated if you convinced the Slaves in the Past to include a particular weakness when creating them
  • Golem Key
    6) Each of these doors requires a Golem Key to open
    7) Riddle of Light - First, select a color for each of the Pools of Primary Colors, and then take the two gems whose color is the combination of the primary color you selected, and place one gem in each of the Pools of Secondary Colors
  • 8) Old One Bodak Champion: Fairy Bottle
    Riddle of Sound - Hit the gongs in the following order: southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest, southwest, northeast, northwest, southeast
    9) Sarcophagus: Tamorlyn's Song
    10) Book Pile: Tome of the Amulet
    11) Riddle of Smoke - Take the 6 powders from the Alchemist's Table and place them on the brazier in pairs in the following order: Blue + Yellow, Red + Blue, Yellow + Red
    12) Balor Lord: Key
    13) Altar: Word of Power (Need Key)