1) To/From the City Core
2) Gate Captian Soren
3) Neibor
4) Hemmel Masterson
5) Twenty in a Quiver - Special Merchant
6) The Seedy Tavern
Auctioneer - Rogue Merchant
Christov - Tavern Key (After you compete with Jalek in a drinking contest.)
Bloodsailer Hideout
7) The Golden Apple
Gilda - Smuggler's Coin
8) Bloodsailers - Bloodsailer Uniform
9) Callik's House
  • Letter from Callik
  • Tavern Key
    10) Side entrance to the Seedy Tavern (need Tavern Key to open)
    11) Silver Sails Trading Company - Use Dara'nei's Locket to access Aquaducts.
    Take the boat from the Aquaducts to reach the Sewers
    Place Ceremonial Sword in a chest in the Aquaducts to access Tomb where you will find the Ancient Symbol of Tyr
  • 12) Bash door to enter Aquaducts. Take the boat from here to reach the Sewers
    13) Exit from the Sewers
    14) Androd Estate
  • Gaudy Statuette
    15) Ambush Site
    16) Wizard Lab - Flask of Water
    17) Chest - Brooch