Fire Giant Lair

Area 1

Area 2
1) To/From the Spine of the World
2) To/From Area 2
3) Wogar - Pull the lever by the door to free him and he will tell you everything he knows for a small price
4) To/From Area 3
5) Armoire: Brunhilda's Diary
6) To/From Area 1
7) Prisoners - These two are not really prisoners, but will eventually attack you
8) Armoire - Ritual Book
9) Coffin: Rags, Belladona
10) To/From Area 1
11) King Skrogg:
  • Ritual Book
  • Pass Amulet
    12) Require Pass Amulet to pass
    13) Slaad Cavern
    Death Slaad Lord: Ritual Book
    14) Dragon - Blue Dragon
    Fountain: Dragon Sphere
    Dragon Orb Pedestal: Place the Dragon Sphere while the Blue Dragon is alive to create the Full Dragon Sphere or after you have killed him to create the Dead Dragon Sphere

    15) Klauth's Lair - Give him the Dead Dragon Sphere to critically injure him
  • Klauth's Head
  • Key
  • Dragon's Blood
    Chests: 4500 gold, Red Dragon Armor, random treasure
    Chest: Word of Power
  • Area 3