Green Griffon Inn

1) To/From North Road
2) Green Griffon Inn
Mutamin - Special Merchant; get Green Griffon Basement Key to enter Mutamin's Challenge
2nd Floor - Zor: Zor's Ear
3) Werewolf Cave - Karathis Ironheart (after you have freed or killed the three boys cursed with lyncanthropy)
Give him a Silver Charm after you have defeated him to cure him; he will give you his Journal
4) Gravekeeper's Shack - Buy Mausoleum Key from Caretaker
5) Arcane Brother's Tomb - Need Mausoleum Key to open
6) Gates to Luskan - Luskan Sergaent will open the gates for you after you give two pieces of evidence that the cult is located in Luskan to Aribeth in Port Llast and have spoken with Aarin Gend