Host Tower

1) To/From Luskan via Courtyard
2) Yeanasha
3) Gurak Entrailspiller
4) Remains:
  • Small Diary
  • Tower Entry Key
    5) Need Tower Entry Key to pass
    6) Host Tower Teleporter - Access all levels of the tower; You need special wardstones to access the levels above the 2nd
    7) Blaskar Lauthlon
  • Staff of Defense
  • Ring of Clear Thought +2
  • Ring of Protection +2
  • Wand of Missiles
  • 3rd Floor Portal Stone
  • 5th Floor Portal Stone
  • 6th Floor Portal Stone
    8) Chest
  • 4th Floor Portal Stone
    9) Wizard Lab Library
    10) Wizard's Lab
    Chest: 4th Floor Portal Stone
    Alchemist Apparatus - Place a Gargoyle's Skull and a Slaad's Tongue inside and then cast Dispel Magic on it to create a Rod of Reversal
    11) Hellish Portal - Place Quasit's eye in the portal to close it
    12) Abyssal Portal - Place Imp's eye in the portal to close it
    13) Corpse of Arteno Geth: Journal of Arteno Geth
    14) Chest: Golem Control Rod
    15) Chest: Golem Replication Rod
    16) Golem Construction Chamber - Place the Golem Control Rod and the Golem Replication Rod in the Golem Replication Pod to create a Helmed Horror
    17) Only the Helmed Horror created at 16) can break down this door
    18) Rimardo Domine
  • Letter to Rimardo
  • Ice Talon
  • Ring of Clear Thought +2
  • Ring of Protection +2
    19) Chest: 7th Floor Portal Stone
    20) Chest: 8th Floor Portal Stone
    21) Nyphithys - Destroy the Brazier to free her and she will reward you with a Scarab of Protection +3
  • Hope Slayer
    Armoire: 6th Floor Portal Stone
    Chest: 7th Floor Portal Stone
    22) Valindra Shadowmantle
  • Quarterstaff +2
    23) Chest:
  • 8th Floor Portal Stone
  • Pinnacle Portal Stone
    24) Warden Erjack
  • Pinnacle Portal Stone
  • Prison Key
  • Katana +2
  • Banded Mail +1
    25) The Prison Key will open these cell doors
    26) Deltagar Zhelhund - Can give you information about Maugrim and the tower
    27) Chest: 4th Floor Portal Stone
    28) Arklem - Destroy the four braziers to free him and he will break the seal to the Pinnacle
    29) Braziers - Destroy all four of these to free Arklem; a monster will appear in the summoning circle after each one you destroy
    30) Free Arklem to unlock this door
    31) To the Pinnacle
    32) From 9th Floor
    33) Corpse: Stone of Recall
    34) This gate is sealed until Morag, Moughrim, and Aribeth leave
    35) Gorgoth
    36) Maugrim's Lair - Desk: Maugrim's Journal
  • Ambassador's Quarters
    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 6

    Level 7

    Level 8

    Level 9