Layenne's Tomb

1) To/From Coldwood
2) Chest: Succubus Stone
3) Sarcophagus: Tome of Power
4) Iron Golem - Destroy all four Glyph Generators to destroy it
5) Sarcophagus: Gem of Pain
6) Sarcophagus: Gem of Misery
7) Succubus - She needs the Succubus Stone, Succubus Necklace, and the Succubus Ring to be free. For each item you give her she will give you a gift: Unlock all the doors in the dungeon, and a Courtesan Blade. Once you have freed her, she will attack you.
8) Sarcophagus:
  • Gem of Duty
  • Succubus Necklace
    9) Bone Golem Champion
  • 10) Sarcophagus: Gem of Honor
    11) Chest: Succubus Ring
    12) Pedestal - Place the four gems on their proper pedestals in the four corner to receive the Star Sapphire: Northwest: Gem of Honor Northeast: Gem of Misery Southwest: Gem of Pain Southeast: Gem of Duty