Port Llast

1) Kendrack's Mercenary Barracks
Aribeth and Aarin Gend
Kendrack - Bounty Hunt
2) Farmer's Son - Gerrol's Wife
3) Docks
4) Dockhouse - Convince Captain Mung to delever relief aid to Neverwinter and Prichev will reward you.
5) Shady Character - Rogue Merchant
6) Temple of Tyr
Neurik - Holy Merchant
The Werewolf Hunter
7) Alliance Arms Inn
Elaith - Rogue Merchant; The Serpent Gems
Ander - The Werewolf Hunter
Alhelor - Merchant
8) Shaldrissa Dothwintyl
9) The Cracked Anvil - General Merchant, Blacksmith
10) Eltoora Sarptyl - Magic Merchant
Five Tomes of Imaskaran
11) Eltoora's Lab
12) Ballard - Nature Merchant
Spirit of the Wood
13) Alhelor's House - Alhelor (after you have cured Sir Karathis Ironheart): Alhelor's Tooth
14) Wanev's Cottage (Need Wanev's Cottage Key to enter)
15) Eisenfeldt Home: Urth - Convince him to take a Silver Charm after you have defeated him to cure him, and he will give you his ring
16) North Gate - To/From North Road
17) East Gate - To/From East Road
18) South Gate - To/From South Road