Main Floor
The Pits
Containment Area
Lair of the Devourer

1) Main entrance from the Peninsula
2) This lever opens the cells in the south wing
3) This lever opens the cells in the north wing
4) Bookshelf:
  • Prison Logbook
  • Prison Storeroom Key
    5) Imprisoned Guard - Pull the lever at 3) to free him
    6) Prison Storeroom - The key can be found at 4)
    7) From the Tanglebrook Tunnels
    8) Pull this lever to open the door
    9) To Containment Level
  • 10) To Main Floor
    11) Emernik - Follow him into the nearby holding cell and use the lever to close the door. He can give you some valuable information about the prison.
    12) Escaped Sorcerer
    13) Lever - Opens all locked doors on the level
    14) Locked Door - Either bash down the door or pull the lever at 13) to open
    15) To the Pits
    16) To Containment Level
    17) Kurdan Fenkt
    18) Pile of Books
  • The Head Goaler's Journal
    19) To the Lair of the Devourer
    20) To the Pits
    21) Head Gaoler Alaefin (Intellect Devourer) - Speak to the guards first and convince them to leave. When there are no bodies left to possess, the devourer will attack you directly.
  • Devourer's Brain