Source Stone

Guardian Lair

Inner Sanctum
1) Portal to/from Castle Never
2) Asheera - Asheera's Amulet
3) To/From Guardian Lair
4) To/From Sanctuary
5) Corrupted Copper Dragon - Guardian Key
6) Corrupted Silver Dragon - Guardian Key
7) Need Guardian Keys to pass both of these doors
8) To Inner Sanctum (one-way)
9) From Guardian Lair (one-way)
10) Old One Cleric - Key
11) Require Key to pass
12) Morag's Hand - Short Sword, Short Sword
13) Morag's Hand - Greataxe
14) Statue - Destroy it to remove the barrier
15) Morag
Around Morag's throne are protecters who each protect Morag from a different attack. Once a protecter is dead, Morag becomes vulnerable to that attack.