Wizard's Dungeon

1) To/From Coldwood
2) Fire Summoning Chamber - Huge Fire Elementals will keep appearing until you destroy the brazier
3) Summoning Pool - Place a Slaad's Tongue in the pool and then cast Melf's Acid Arrow (you can use the Ring of Melf) to summon a Greater Water Elemental. You can ask her to either free Nax, or give you a Ring of Invisibility
4) Nax - Perform the summoning ritual at 3) to release him
5) Library
Bookshelf: The Nature of Water Summoning
6) Adventurer's Corpse: Slaad's Tongue
7) Alchemist's Apparatus: Laboratory Notes
Chest: Ring of Melf
8) Library
BookShelf: The Nature of Water Summoning, Diary Page
9) Strike the gongs in the following order to open the door: Puma, Winter Wolf, Dire Bear, Dragon
10) Pedestal: Snow Globe